Friday, February 27, 2009

Otto seen him!

Scout catching some warm rays!

My husband has been secretly thinking to himself, "why the hell does doesn't she write something about my dog? Why is everything about Otto...Otto this...Otto that... Otto ...Otto, Otto, Otto!!! I think secretly he would like to have this blog devoted to his black lab Scout.

True, I seldom mention our black lab Scout. He is a wonderful dog. He is 10 1/2 years old and a true gentleman. He epitomizes the breed. He is loyal, easy, loving, needy and kind. If you asked Scout to "sit and stay" one time... say for 3 days or so.... he would. If you got lost in the wilderness and you were alone with just Scout and whispered, "Scout, lie down next to me to keep me warm and don't leave," he would do just that. He pauses in our driveway every morning, waiting for an invitation to walk with us. He is obedient and he is tolerant. He doesn't require a leash when outside, he has no ambition to ever leave your comfortable heel. He could be a poster child for the perfect Lab. Scout is a very nice, handsome, well footed, black Labrador from Champion Canadian parents.


About 4 1/2 years ago, while making a cup of coffee a man came behind me in our kitchen...shortly thereafter I decided that I didn't need a nice, needy and highly food motivated animal, I needed protection. It wasn't Scouts fault, he doesn't have a mean or aggressive bone in his big fat head.

Enter Otto.

Otto isn't at all like Scout. Otto is affectionate but only on his very own terms and only to the people and animals that he chooses. He is independent in his thinking and isn't needy in the least except for the basics. He is never motivated by food from a stranger nor will he accept it. Good boy.

True, I clean his teeth, trim his nails, bathe him, feed him and pretty much cater to his every need and he barely acknowledges me. Also true that Otto would never retrieve anything unless he wanted to retrieve it. He would with 100% certainty leave me if he could get off of his leash if an attractive squirrel crossed our path. If I was lost in the woods he would not stay like ol' trusty Scout, no way, Otto would be like Elsa, born free to roam and eat deer poop. He might come back but the jury is still out.

But...if you are alone in the house and going downstairs in the dark, he will do a complete recon with just a quick whistle.

and he hears things before they happen...because Otto (like other Anatolians) has remarkable senses.

and if the doorbell rings .....Otto will answer first, insistent that he position himself between me and the door...he is no welcome wagon.

and even when he is in sleeping coma, paws up on my pillow..he has one eye open.

and above all else in our house, Otto has my back.

I was going to only write about Scout but even thinking about my Otto, my naughty bundle of joy, just takes me over!

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